Dive into the World of Royal Fishing in Betx24

Dive into the World of Royal Fishing in Betx24

Are you ready to embark on an aquatic adventure like no other? Embark on an exciting adventure with Royal Fishing, a timeless fish shooting game from JILI. Immerse yourself in a thrilling experience, where enticing rewards and exclusive bonuses await at every turn. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the captivating world of Royal Fishing, covering how to play, game rules, strategies, tips, and tricks. Let’s explore its unique features, different lobbies, symbol payouts, and much more.

How to Play Royal Fishing

How to Play Royal Fishing

To play Royal Fishing, register at Betx24 casino, then navigate to the JILI games list or search specifically for Royal Fishing. Explore the game’s features and controls, using bonuses strategically. Enjoy the immersive experience and aim for big wins by combining skill and luck.

  1. Unveiling Royal Fishing

Royal Fishing is a beloved JILI fish shooting game that not only offers a thrilling gaming experience but also rewards players handsomely. It entices players to join specific lobbies, where they can unlock special features and symbols, enhancing their chances of winning real money.

  1. Discover the Unique Features

Royal Fishing boasts a plethora of special fishes and symbols that elevate the overall gaming experience and boost your chances of winning big in live casinos. Let’s take a closer look at some of these extraordinary features:

  • Frozen – Table Freeze: Pay 30 credits to freeze the entire table temporarily, giving you a strategic advantage.
  • Drill Bit Lobster – Explosive Catch: Successfully defeating the lobster causes the drill bit to explode, helping you catch fishes within the blast radius.
  • Thunderbolt Lobster – Ammo Surge: After defeating the lobster, enjoy 15 seconds of free ammo, giving you more chances to reel in your winnings.
  • Thunderbolt Consecutive Hit – Electrifying Wins: Defeating this fish triggers a chain lightning effect, shocking and capturing nearby fishes for massive rewards.
  • Serial Bomb Crab – Explosive Opportunities: Killing the crab results in multiple large-scale explosions across the board, making it easier to catch more fishes.
  • Immortal Boss – Boss Battles for Big Wins: High-payout bosses are available in all lobbies, providing players with lucrative opportunities.
  • Awaken Boss – Unleash Your Power: Defeating a boss leads to an awakening attack, offering players a chance to win big with multipliers ranging from 30X to a maximum of 300X.
  • Chain Long King Wheel – Spin to Win: Capture the Chain Long King to activate a roulette wheel with outer and inner wheels, each containing multipliers. Multiply your winnings, with a maximum multiplier of 350X.
  • Summon Dragon Wrath – Exclusive Power: Available only in Regal and Qian Long Hall lobbies, players accumulate wrath value with every shot. Once full, they can summon Dragon Wrath for epic rewards.
  • Lucky Treasure Chest – Seek Your Fortune: Unlock up to a 200X super win by hitting all fish types and winning the Lucky Treasure Chest randomly.

Explore Three Ultimate Unique Lobbies in Royal Fishing

Explore Three Ultimate Unique Lobbies in Royal Fishing

When playing Royal Fishing, players can choose from three distinct lobbies, each with its minimum and maximum bets, as well as exclusive features. Let’s dive into these enticing options:

Joy Hall

  • Perfect for Beginners: Bet Range: 0.1 – 10 
  • Features: Immortal Bosses 
  • Description: Joy Hall is a beginner-friendly lobby with low minimum and maximum bets. It’s the ideal choice for those looking to limit their losses and extend their playtime.

Regal Hall

  • Intermediate Delight: Bet Range: 1 – 80 
  • Features: Immortal Bosses, Dragon Wrath 
  • Description: Regal Hall is an intermediate lobby with relatively low minimum bets. It offers the chance to encounter Immortal Bosses and unleash the power of Dragon Wrath.

Qian Long Hall

  • For the Experts: Bet Range: 10 – 100 
  • Features: Immortal Bosses, Dragon Wrath, Chain Long King
  • Description: Qian Long Hall is tailored for experienced players. It features Immortal Bosses, Dragon Wrath, and the thrilling Chain Long King for high-stakes excitement.

Game Rules for Royal Fishing

Game Rules for Royal Fishing

Decoding Symbol Payouts

In Royal Fishing, different symbols come with various payout potentials. Let’s unravel the payouts:

General Fish Symbol Payouts

  • Ranging from 2X to 55X

Special Fish Payouts

  • Drill Bit Lobster: 20X-80X
  • Thunderbolt Lobster: 15-25 seconds of free bullets
  • Thunderbolt Consecutive Hit: 60X
  • Serial Bomb Crab: 70X

Immortal Boss Payouts

  • Golden Toad: 50X-120X
  • Boss Octopus: 60X-150X

Awaken Boss Payouts

  • Awakening Humpback Whale: 15X basic multiplier and 6X-10X power-up attack, totaling 90X-150X
  • Awakening Legend Dragon: 20X basic multiplier and 6X-10X power-up attack, totaling 120X-200X
  • Ice Phoenix: 30X basic multiplier and 6X-10X power-up attack, totaling 180X-300X

Other Symbol Payout

Roulette Wheel Multipliers:

  • Outer Wheel: 3X, 4X, 5X
  • Inner Wheel: 45X, 60X, 70X

Multiply the winning multiplier pockets in both wheels to calculate your total multiplier.

Strategies, Tips, and Tricks for Royal Fishing


To play Royal Fishing on JILI, simply register at Betx24 casino and either explore the JILI games list or search specifically for Royal Fishing.

Absolutely. JILI’s Royal Fishing game is completely legitimate. All you need to do is register at a reputable online casino like Betx24 to start playing with confidence.

Yes, it is indeed profitable. The game offers numerous bonuses, providing players with the opportunity to win substantial rewards. However, it’s crucial for players to manage their bankroll wisely to enhance their chances of success.


Royal Fishing offers a captivating blend of skill and chance, providing players with an immersive underwater adventure and the opportunity to win substantial rewards. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the unique features, lobbies, and symbol payouts of Royal Fishing make it a must-try experience in the world of online gaming. Dive in and discover the treasures that await in the depths of Betx24‘s Royal Fishing!

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