How to Choose a Winning Rooster?

how to choose winning rooster?

To win at online sabong matches, bettors must know how to pick a winning Rooster. This means that players won’t rely on luck to win and that they can potentially have a good winning streak and win big. Learning how to win at online sabong requires extensive knowledge on the different gamecock breeds and bloodlines, especially the different physical characteristics of the deadliest and most competitive breeds in the world.

Betting on sanctioned derbies becomes more manageable with the ability for players to delve into research on the various participating breeders and gain insights into the gamefowl breeds they present, along with any specific bloodlines crafted. This capability proves crucial, as two Sweaters from distinct breeders may exhibit diverse traits and personalities, potentially rendering one more formidable than the other. Moreover, even a seemingly weak breed could have evolved into a potent bloodline, confounding sabong experts. Conducting thorough research in advance on how breeders have nurtured their gamecocks and understanding their respective breeds empowers players to select a winning Rooster for the competition.

In online sabong, however, players typically won’t be able to research as the turnover rate for chickens is so high and there won’t be any substantial information available to see whether a rooster is good or not. The only reliable information available to players to be able to choose a winning rooster is what they can see with their eyes.

How to Win at Online Sabong – What to Look for in a Gamefowl?

How to Win at Online Sabong: What to Look for in a Gamefowl?

When choosing a winning Rooster for sabong, a thorough evaluation of different factors becomes imperative. Essential physical attributes such as size, conformation, and muscle structure play a crucial role, directly influencing the winning Rooster’s capacity to withstand and execute powerful blows in combat. Equally important is grasping the winning Rooster’s fighting style, aligning its natural tendencies with a fighter’s preferred strategy to ensure optimal performance in the pit.

Endurance and stamina are paramount considerations, particularly for prolonged fights. Breeds exhibiting exceptional stamina gain a distinct advantage as battles progress, showcasing their resilience in the ring. Temperament holds significance in the world of sabong, where traits such as aggression, confidence, and resilience are sought after by cockfighters to ensure effective and strategic participation.

Exploring a breed’s history and lineage provides valuable insights into its potential success. Prioritizing proven bloodlines with a track record of performance contributes to the rooster’s competitive edge. Adaptability is another key factor, considering a breed’s ability to thrive in different environments and respond effectively to training.

To excel in the realm of sabong breed selection, the prowess of the winning Rooster is indispensable. Mastery in this art requires a profound comprehension of avian genetics, along with adeptness in evaluating both physical traits and behavior. Seasoned enthusiasts leverage this knowledge to make well-informed decisions. By seamlessly integrating these components, individuals can navigate the intricate landscape of sabong, strategically selecting roosters that are destined for triumph in the exhilarating arena of cockfighting.

Choosing a Winning Rooster – Tips for Success at Betx24

Choosing a Winning Rooster - Tips for Success at Betx24

Are you eager to increase your chances of success in the thrilling world of online Sabong? One key factor that can make all the difference is selecting a winning rooster. Here are some essential tips to guide you in choosing a champion:

  • Emphasis on Temperament: Prioritize a rooster’s temperament when making your selection. Opt for one that exhibits a gentle demeanor, especially towards hens. A gamecock that actively cares for the flock, sharing food discoveries and ensuring the well-being of the hens, is an ideal choice. Avoid roosters with aggressive tendencies towards both hens and humans, as you wouldn’t want such traits passed on to future generations.
  • Health: Select a gamecock that demonstrates robust health. Look for signs of vitality and well-being, avoiding individuals prone to illness or those struggling to maintain a healthy weight. A thriving rooster contributes to the overall health and productivity of the flock.
  • Breed. If you have laying birds you may want a rooster from similar breeds, although this is completely personal preference and many have “mutt” hens. For instance, if you have Speckled Sussex, you probably want a SS rooster or a Welsummer (stunning looking roosters-the rooster on the old Kellogg’s Corn Flakes box is Wellie).
  • Observe Physical Form: Pay attention to the rooster’s physical condition and gestures. Evaluate its flying, jumping, and beak usage. Analyze traits such as Physical, mental and leadership qulities, strength, and stamina, as these are crucial indicators of a rooster’s potential for success.
  • Feather Condition: Take note of the rooster’s feathers. Shiny and well-maintained feathers indicate a healthy and well-cared-for bird. A rooster with a glossy coat is more likely to perform well in the arena.
  • Strategic Betting: Beyond choosing a winning gamecock, strategic betting is key to success. Utilize the platform’s features to assess trends and make informed decisions on upcoming matchups.

At Betx24, we recognize the significance of selecting a winning Rooster for a gratifying online Sabong experience. Our platform provides a thorough overview of each Rooster’s profile, enabling you to make informed decisions and boost your chances of success. Elevate your online Sabong journey with Betx24 – where winning begins with choosing the right Rooster.

What are the Top Cockfighting Breeds to Choose from?

What are the Top Cockfighting Breeds to Choose from?


Asil, a formidable fighting bird from India and Pakistan, boasts black and red feathers, strong shoulders, and a small beak. Known for its prowess in combat, an Asil rooster excels in fighting, even without sharp appendages. Weighing 4 to 6 pounds, it offers a medium-sized yet powerful presence in the ring.

  • Special Physical Characteristics: Asil, Also known as Aseel, stands out as a robust and muscular breed characterized by a distinct upright stance. Featuring a prominent neck, broad chest, and well-developed legs, Asils display various color patterns and are distinguished by a unique long and curved beak.
  • Fighting Style: Asils are celebrated for their unparalleled bravery and aggressiveness within the fighting arena, favoring close-range combat and frequently targeting the head and neck of their adversaries. Leveraging their lethal beaks and robust legs, Asils execute precise and devastating blows with exceptional skill and effectiveness.
  • There are numerous types of Asil, including the Amroha, Bhaingam, Kilimooku, Kulang, Lasani, Madras, Mianwali, Reza, and Sindhi varieties.


The Kelso fowl, a result of meticulous breeding by Walter Kelso, exhibits intelligence in combat. Renowned for strategic attacks, Kelsos don’t jump but sidestep before striking. Originating from the Philippines, Kelsos, initially a mix of diverse chickens, continue evolving through crossbreeding with Hatches, Roundheads, Sweaters, Lemons, and attempts at creating a White Kelso. Here are some insights of Kelso Breed.

  • Country of Origin:  United States 
  • Special Physical Characteristics: Kelso roosters are characterized by medium-sized frames, showcasing well-proportioned bodies and appealing plumage. Possessing a robust and sturdy build, these birds also exhibit a friendly disposition. Kelso varieties present a range of color combinations, with their plumage frequently adorned in vibrant and attractive hues.
  • Fighting Style:  Kelso roosters are recognized as strategic combatants, showcasing intelligence and a tactical mindset in the ring. Their agility and quick footwork serve as key assets, allowing them to rely on speed and precision to outmaneuver opponents. In the arena, Kelso birds are adept at delivering rapid and precise jabs, strategically targeting weak spots to gain a decisive advantage.
  • Various variations exist, such as Jumper Kelso Roosters, Combat Kelso Roosters, and Cardinal Kelso, among others. Each type maintains the essential characteristics, showcasing the diversity within the Kelso breed.


Hailing from Japan, the Shamo is celebrated for its solid and tenacious fighting spirit. Recognized for its distinctive features—long neck, legs, wide chest, and thick feathers—the Shamo combines agility with mighty strength. Breeders worldwide have used Shamo lineage to develop birds with thick plumage, emphasizing the breed’s reputation for toughness.

The seven recognized Shamo breeds designated as Natural Monuments of Japan are as follows:

  • Ehigo-Nankin-Shamo.
  • O-Shamo (“large Shamo”)
  • Kinpa.
  • Ko-Shamo (“small Shamo”)
  • Nankin-Shamo
  • Yakido or Ygido
  • Yamato-Shamo or Yamato Gunkei.


The Hatch Gamefowl, a renowned breed dating back to the late 1800s in the USA, is famed for its speed, strength, and endurance in ground fights. Recognizable by their featherless, yellowish-green legs, Hatches are medium-sized birds with a distinctive comb. The modern Hatch continues to evolve, displaying enhanced agility and flight capabilities, remaining a stalwart contender in sabong matches.

Hatchlings exhibit rapid maturation, developing robust bodies and resilient bones at an early stage. Furthermore, they consistently maintain optimal health, unaffected by varying weather conditions. The preferred varieties within the Hatch bloodline encompass the Yellow-legged hatch, Blueface hatch, McLean hatch, and Morgan hatch.

Hatch Twist

A variation of the Hatch breed, the Hatch Twist stands out with a fancier appearance, featuring a neck adorned with white or yellow feathers that accentuate its bright red neck. Known for resilience in battle, Hatch Twists have evolved into faster and wiser roosters, maintaining their reputation for tenacity.

It belongs to the Hatch lineage of roosters, distinguished by its distinctive twirling trait and adorned with white or yellow feathers around its neck. This particular specimen is renowned for its rapid and powerful fighting style, coupled with its impressive size. In the heat of battle, it consistently maintains a downward gaze, typically ranging between 60 to 70 cm.

Among American rooster breeders, the twirling hatch holds the status of a “secret breed” for developing novel strains of gamefowls with crucial attributes for combat, owing to their generally exceptional skills in the arena.


Developed by Carol Nesmith, the Sweater breed emerged from male chickens deemed unfit for fights. Over time, Sweaters evolved into swift and dangerous combatants, excelling in arenas across Mexico and the Philippines. Their speed, quick and relentless attacks, high-flying abilities, and ground prowess make Sweaters formidable opponents, compelling rivals to yield or retreat.

  • Special Physical Characteristics: Sweater roosters boast a moderate-sized frame, robustly developed breasts, and strong legs. They exhibit a variety of colors, frequently showcasing distinctive feather patterns.
  • Fighting Style: Renowned for their aggressive and unyielding fighting approach, Sweater birds leverage speed and agility to skillfully evade attacks while countering with swift and precise strikes. Demonstrating intelligence in the arena, Sweaters adeptly adapt their tactics as the fight unfolds, establishing themselves as formidable adversaries in the ring.

Top Tips to Win at Online Sabong

Top Tips to Win at Online Sabong

If memorizing the different characteristics of multitudes of gamefowl breeds is hard, players can stick to a few quick tips to win at online sabong with winning rooster:

  1. A Crucial Approach in Choosing a Winning Rooster – Choose the rooster with a proven track record of victories, often referred to as the winning Rooster, in online sabong betting. This strategy, although widely used, demonstrates a success rate of up to 90%. While the payout may be moderate, relying on battle-tested cocks with numerous wins is a safer approach compared to risking potential losses.
  2. Rooster’s Form and Gestures: When assessing rooster matchups, prioritize form and morale over favorites. In online sabong, focus on recent performances, choosing roosters with greater aggression and fighting prowess. Utilize researched tips from sabong veterans, noting that high-morale roosters tend to win. Additional tips involve monitoring rooster weight and health, best applied by regular players.
  3. Analyzing Rooster Stats: A crucial online sabong betting tip is to rely on announcers’ commentated statistics before a round, guiding your wager towards the rooster with the advantage. These stats not only enhance the effectiveness of the first two tips but also provide valuable insights into competing roosters’ recent and established records, elevating your informed betting strategy over time.


Best sabong breeds excel with strength, agility, endurance, and a fighting spirit. These traits contribute to their success in the cockfighting arena.

Consider factors such as your preferences, training capabilities, and the specific style of fights you plan to participate in when selecting a sabong breed and want a winning rooster.

Yes, you can train your sabong roosters to enhance their fighting skills and overall performance. Proper training, conditioning, and care are crucial for their success.

Certainly, you have the option to participate in sabong without the need to breed your roosters. Acquire well-trained birds from trustworthy breeders or trainers to partake in the thrill of sabong with your winning Rooster.

Promote ethical treatment for your winning Rooster by offering them adequate care, timely medical attention, and treating them with respect and compassion throughout their lives. Adhering to ethical practices is crucial for the overall well-being of the birds engaged in sabong.


Betx24 casino elevates the thrill of cockfighting by sourcing top roosters. This initiative not only enhances the global tradition of cockfighting but also fosters unity among enthusiasts, contributing to the widespread popularity of the sport. If you want to start betting on sabong without trouble, use a regulated online betting service. You won’t have to contend with perplexing hand signals or be disturbed by noisy crowds when placing your bets online in the Philippines. Wagering on the winning Rooster is made simpler and more convenient in regulated environments. Just locate a legal and user-friendly platform that is approved for cockfighting bets.

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