Enhance Your Gaming Adventure with Betx24’s Exclusive Promotions!

Enhance Your Gaming Adventure with Betx24’s Exclusive Promotions!

Welcome to a world of exciting opportunities and exclusive rewards at Betx24. We are dedicated to elevating your gaming experience to new heights through carefully crafted promotions that add thrill and value to your journey. Join us as we unveil a realm of endless possibilities with Betx24’s exceptional rewards and bonus.

Situated in the vibrant business district of downtown Manila, Betx24 is registered in the Philippines and holds valid licenses from local government authorities. Our commitment to fair and secure gaming practices is evident in the meticulous scrutiny and continuous monitoring of all introduced games by the Philippine Gaming Council. Additionally, impartial third-party verification by the GLI laboratory and Macau authorities ensures our platform’s trustworthiness, fairness, and visually captivating experience.

Betx24- Tempting Bonuses and Promotions

Betx24- Tempting Bonuses and Promotions

Welcome Bonus: Ignite Your Adventure with an Exciting Boost!

Embark on your registration journey today and instantly receive a complimentary sign-up gift of 100 pesos. Furthermore, upon depositing 1000 pesos, we’ll match it with a 1000 pesos bonus. The same enticing offer applies to a 2000 pesos deposit. Our players can enjoy a variety of bonuses, including free spins, a welcome bonus for initial deposits, free bets, and a range of Bonuses tailored to suit every player’s preferences.

Cashback Offers: Bounce Back from Losses with Extra Value!

  1. VIP:  Players can claim this bonus if they’ve experienced losses exceeding 50,000 pesos in any game during the previous month. The total bonuses claimed in the previous month will be subtracted from the total losses for that month, making players eligible for a 9% rebate based on the total maximum monthly bonus limit set at 11,111 pesos based on the loss amount.”.
  2. Players:  Eligible players can claim this bonus by incurring a minimum loss of 500 pesos from Monday to Sunday in Cards, Slots, Fishing, Live, and Sports games. They will receive a 5% rebate based on the total lost amount, with a maximum weekly bonus cap of 5,000 pesos.

Sabongero Redeposit Bonus

Sabongero Redeposit Bonus

Exclusively designed for Sabong enthusiasts, this bonus offers players a deposit bonus based on their individual deposit amounts. This reward is redeemable once per step, with the bonus amount increasing proportionally to the size of the single deposit.

Single DepositBonus
577 111
777 157
1,111 211
2,111 457
3,777 777
5,777 1,111
7,777 1,577
11,111 2,111
33,333 6,777
55,555 11,111
77,777 13,777

Referral Rewards

Introduce your friends to Betx24 by sharing your exclusive referral link, and earn bonuses based on the number of new recruits. The bonus value is determined by the count of newly registered recruits who deposit a minimum of 500 pesos and place bets totaling 777 pesos. You can potentially earn up to 25,930 pesos through this referral initiative.

Daily Check-in Bonus

To qualify for this bonus, maintain a consecutive 30-day login streak. If your login sequence is interrupted, your progress resets to day 1. Additionally, you must meet the daily deposit and wager criteria outlined in the activity conditions to secure the corresponding bonus each day. You have the opportunity to accumulate a total bonus of up to 5,690 pesos through this promotional offer.

Daily Single Deposit Bonus

Every daily deposit you make earns you a corresponding bonus amount, with higher rewards for larger recharges, reaching up to 100%. It’s important to note that players are eligible for one bonus per day.

Single DepositBonus
177 20%
277 40%
477 60%
1,777 80%
2,777 100%

VIP Rewards Club – Elevate Your Gaming Experience!

VIP Rewards Club - Elevate Your Gaming Experience!

Unlock a heightened gaming adventure with the VIP Rewards Club!

  • Qualification Guidelines: Upon meeting the VIP promotion criteria, including deposit and wagering thresholds, members ascend to their designated VIP levels and receive the associated promotional bonus. In cases where a member qualifies for promotion to multiple levels simultaneously, they are eligible to claim the promotion bonus of their current level exclusively.
  • Daily Rewards: By satisfying the daily deposit and wagering criteria linked to the current VIP level, members can seize their daily rewards. The daily reward system resets every day at 00:00.
  • Weekly Rewards: Members can claim their weekly rewards when their weekly deposit and wagering activities meet the prescribed criteria for the current VIP level. The weekly reward system resets every Monday at 00:00.
  • Monthly Rewards: Upon reaching the monthly deposit and wagering requirements aligned with the current VIP level, members can claim their corresponding monthly rewards. The monthly reward system resets on the 1st day of each month at 00:00.
  • Audit Guidelines: The withdrawal of the VIP bonus is subject to fulfilling a 1x rollover requirement, encompassing auditing, wagers, or valid bets. Wagering requirements can be satisfied on any gaming platform.
  • Usage Regulations: Account operations must adhere to standard practices and are strictly prohibited from engaging in activities such as account rental, risk-free betting, malicious arbitrage, plugin or robot usage, Utilization of weaknesses, intervention, manipulation of groups, or employing various technical methods. Non-compliance may result in account suspension, bonus confiscation, and website access restriction without prior notice.
  • Acknowledgment of Compliance: By claiming the VIP bonus, members implicitly agree to comply with the stipulated rules. To prevent any misunderstandings, the platform reserves the right to conclusively interpret this activity.

Key Guidelines for Betx24 Bonus Offers

Key Guidelines for Betx24 Bonus Offers
  1. Wagering Requirements: Many Betx24 bonuses entail wagering requirements, specifying the number of times you must wager the bonus amount before being able to withdraw winnings. It is essential to thoroughly review the specific wagering requirements to ensure compliance.
  2. Eligible Games: Different games may contribute variedly to fulfilling wagering requirements. Refer to the bonus terms to identify which games qualify for bonus wagering.
  3. Expiry Date: Bonuses are subject to expiration dates, and any unused bonus funds or free spins may be forfeited after a designated period. Staying informed about validity periods is crucial for optimizing your bonuses.
  4. One Bonus at a Time: Typically, only one bonus can be active on your account concurrently. Complete or forfeit the ongoing bonus before claiming another to avoid confusion.
  5. Maximum Bet Limit: While using bonus funds, there may be a maximum bet limit. Adhering to this limit is important to prevent the risk of bonus cancellation.
  6. Bonus Abuse: Betx24 strictly prohibits bonus abuse, such as the creation of multiple accounts or unfair exploitation of promotions. Violating bonus terms can result in the forfeiture of bonuses and the suspension of your account.
  7. Read the Terms: Each bonus is accompanied by its own set of terms and conditions. It is crucial to read and comprehend the rules and requirements associated with each promotion to ensure a seamless gaming experience.
  8. Deposit Method Restrictions: Some bonuses may come with restrictions on specific deposit methods. Verify whether your preferred payment method is eligible for the bonus.
  9. Customer Support: If you have any questions or concerns regarding bonuses, don’t hesitate to contact Betx24’s customer support team. They are available to assist and provide clarifications on any bonus-related queries.


To claim the sign-up gift, simply sign up on Betx24. For the deposit bonus, deposit the specified amount, and you’ll instantly receive a bonus of equivalent value.

Betx24 offers a range of bonuses, including a welcoming bonus, free spins, cashback deals, and more.

Yes, bonuses typically come with an expiration date. Unused bonus funds or free spins may expire after a specific period, so it’s important to be mindful of the validity period.

Typically, only one bonus can be active on your account at a time. You may need to fulfill or forfeit the current bonus before claiming another.


Betx24’s promotions present an exciting array of opportunities for players to enhance their gaming experience. With various bonuses, such as welcoming bonuses, free spins, and cashback offers, players can maximize their enjoyment and potential winnings. However, understanding the terms and conditions associated with each promotion, including wagering requirements and game eligibility restrictions, is essential to make the most of these offers. Additionally, Betx24’s VIP rewards program provides further incentives for loyal players, offering daily, weekly, and monthly rewards to elevate their gaming journey. By comprehending and adhering to the rules, players can enjoy a rewarding and entertaining experience on Betx24.