The Blueprint of Agent Commissions | A Simple Guide

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Embark on a journey of financial empowerment with our detailed guide on agent commissions.  Discover the intricate workings of commissions, unravelling the secrets to maximizing your earnings In this Commission Model, navigating the pathways that lead to lucrative opportunities in Betx24. Now let’s understand how this commission model works at different levels and how you benefit from this.

Different agent levels with their Example Scenario

Different agent levels with their Example Scenario

Let’s consider a scenario involving individuals A, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, and D1. The minimum deposit for a valid promotion is set at 2100.

Individual A’s Earnings:

  • A has referred to B1, B2, and B3. B1 deposited 100, B2 deposited 20,000, and B3 deposited 10,000. Their net profits and losses are calculated based on their activities on the platform.
  • A’s level-1 net profits are calculated as the sum of the net profits of B1, B2, and B3. A’s commission rate is 5%, resulting in direct subordinates’ commissions.

B1’s Earnings and Referrals:

  • B1, in turn, referred to C1 and C2. C1 deposited 1,000, and C2 deposited 10,000. The net profits and losses for C1 and C2 are calculated similarly.
  • B1’s level-1 net profits include the net profits of C1 and C2. B1’s commission rate is 5%, and A, as the superior of B1, claims a percentage of B1’s commissions.

C1’s Referral D1:

  • C1 referred D1, who deposited 1,000. D1’s net profits are calculated based on the platform’s profit and D1’s claimed bonus.
  • C1’s earnings are then calculated, considering D1’s net profits and C1’s commission rate.

Agent Commissions Senario 

Agent Commissions Senario 
  1. Minimum deposit for a valid promotion: 2100
  2. A has referred to B1, B2, and B3.

B1’s Details:

  1. Deposited 100, lost 100 (Platform profit: 100)
  2. Claimed a bonus of 10, so net profit is 90.
  3. Since B1’s deposit is less than 2100, not a valid subordinate.

B2’s Details:

  1. Deposited 20,000, lost 20,000 (Platform profit: 20,000)
  2. Claimed a bonus of 2,000, so net profit is 18,000.

B3’s Details:

Deposited 10,000, won 10,000 (Platform loss: 10,000)

Claimed a bonus of 1,000, so net profit is -11,000.

A’s Earnings Calculation:

A's Earnings Calculation:
  1. A’s level-1 net profits: 90 + 18,000 – 11,000 = 7,090
  2. A’s commission rate is 5%.
  3. A’s direct subordinates’ commission: 7,090 * 5% = 354.50

B1’s Referrals C1 and C2:

B1's Referrals C1 and C2:

C1’s Details:

  1. Deposited 1,000, lost 1,000 (Platform profit: 1,000)
  2. Claimed a bonus of 100, so net profit is 900.

C2’s Details:

  1. Deposited 10,000, lost 10,000 (Platform profit: 10,000)
  2. Claimed a bonus of 1,000, so net profit is 9,000.

B1’s Earnings Calculation:

B1's Earnings Calculation:
  1. B1’s level-1 net profits: 900 + 9,000 = 9,900
  2. B1’s commission rate is 5%.
  3. B1’s first-tier earnings: 9,900 * 5% = 495
  4. A, being B1’s superior, claims 5% of B1’s commissions, so A’s level-2 commissions are: 495 * 5% = 24.75

C1’s Referral D1:

C1's Referral D1:

D1’s Details:

Deposited 1,000, lost 1,000 (Platform profit: 1,000)

Claimed a bonus of 100, so net profit is 900.

C1’s Earnings Calculation:

C1's Earnings Calculation:

C1’s first-tier net profit: 900

C1’s commission rate is 0%, so first-tier earnings: 900 * 0% = 0

A, being C1’s superior, receives 0% of C1’s commission, so A’s third-tier commission is 0 * 0% = 0.00

A’s Total Earnings:

A's Total Earnings:

First-tier commission + Second-tier commission + Third-tier commission = 354.50 + 24.75 + 0.00 = 379.25


The Agent commission profit calculation involves assessing the net profits and losses of individuals at different levels. Each level contributes to the earnings of those above them, creating a network of interconnected financial relationships. Understanding the intricacies of these calculations is essential for participants in Agent commission systems. It provides insights into how commissions are distributed and how the activities of referrals impact the earnings of those higher up in the hierarchy.

As we’ve seen in the example, the formula for calculating earnings involves considering net profits, commission rates, and the hierarchical structure of the Agent commission system. By breaking down these complex calculations, participants can gain a clearer understanding of their potential earnings and the dynamics at play within the Agent commission framework.